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Battlefield Advertising is proud to be a supporting member of our industry associations. By our active participation in these organizations,
the Battlefield Team benefits from industry education & training, certification, marketing, ethics and governance initiatives.
In turn, these associations benefit from the input, support and contributions of our professional employees.

As a promotion buyer, there are many advantages of buying your promotional products through a PPACanada member:
dealing with recognized business professionals and promotional product experts as well as access to the most comprehensive
promotional product sourcing tools in the industry.

These associations include:

    ? Promotional Products Association Canada
    ? Promotional Products Association International
    ? Team Task Force

In addition, Battlefield Advertising supports the following business advocacy organizations:

    ? The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
    ? The Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce
    ? The Grimsby Chamber of Commerce
    ? The Canadian Public Relations Society ? Hamilton Chapter

Artwork Specifications

Preferred Art Formats
We prefer that you send artwork in any of the following formats:

Macromedia Freehand
- Up to version 10
- Convert all text to curves

Adobe Illustrator
- Up to version 7
- Convert all text to curves

- Up to version 11
- Convert all text to curves

Adobe Photoshop
- Up to version 7

We will accept artwork in almost any other format, however it will have to be recreated by
our art staff in a format that is acceptable for printing.

Although programs like Microsoft Word and Publisher are useful tools, they are not capable of producing
art files of a quality necessary for imprinting purposes. Images taken from web sites are usually
of too low a resolution to be used.

For recreating artwork, or for modifications there will be a $50.00 charge per hour.

Vector Artwork Files

Vector Artwork can be scaled easily without producing the ?stair-step? edges you will see
in pixel-based (raster) images. They adapt to the resolution of any output device and are considered to
be resolution independent. Save in programs like Adobe Illustrator? (Version 7),
Macromedia FreeHand? (Version10) and CorelDRAW? (Version 11).

All type that has been set must be converted to outlines (curves). If future changes to the text will be
necessary, the original font file must be supplied with the art file for use in our Graphics Department. (Mac or PC).

If the vector file contains any linked (placed) raster images, these images must meet the minimum requirement
for resolution when rendered at 100% actual imprint size and must be submitted with the original vector file.

Raster Artwork Files

Raster images are limited by the number of pixels and cannot be enlarged without producing noticeably
jagged, stair-stepped edges.

All Raster elements and art files must be sized to 100% or larger than the actual imprint size. All Raster images
must meet or exceed the minimum resolution (300 dpi) when rendered at the actual imprint size. They are produced
by digital cameras, scanners, and can also be created by programs like Adobe PhotoShop (Version 7)
and CorelPHOTO-PAINT (among others) .


No matter what the format or transfer method, artwork should NEVER be submitted without either a
hard copy proof or the electronic equivalent. Properly prepared PDF files are often suitable as proofs.


Do not be anonymous! We need to know who is sending the artwork, and the e-mail reply address is
often misleading or insufficient. Be sure to sign your e-mail message with all of these details:

    The full name of the sender or contact regarding the artwork
    Your company name
    The physical address of your company and/or the sender
    Your e-mail address (for any reply messages)
    Telephone and fax numbers


Before sending any artwork file, you should use compression software to protect against damage-in-transit.
Compression can make large files smaller to decrease the online transfer time, but the most important benefit is
the way it encloses the delicate artwork files inside a file type that was designed for proper transmittal.
The two most popular compression formats are ?.zip? and ?.sit?.

Battlefield Advertising wins
The Prestigious
Two Years Running

Each year, PPACanada honours the best in Canadian Promotional Products. Battlefield Advertising
has won this award for Corporate Catalogue Promotions and Consumer POP Promotions.

The Competition

The competition is open to PPACanada Members only, promotions including one or more promotional products
in a single business promotion, either exclusively or in conjunction with other media. Entries are judged by a panel of
suppliers, distributors and/or professionals in the marketing and imprint industry. The entries are judged on Creativity,
Strategy and Execution, and Results. This competition has been held annually since 1982.

Prizes for this competition are presented every year in February at the PPACanada?s Annual Convention and Trade Show.

On-Line Security & Privacy

Battlefield Advertising is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. We will not reveal information about
our clients to anyone outside our company unless authorized by you or when required by accredited
credit granting and reporting agencies.

When you forward personal credit card information to us, the information flows through the highest level of
secure encryption technology currently available to the web, and is virtually the same as that which financial
institutions employ for on-line banking. Battlefield does not retain credit card information on file unless
expressly authorized by you.

Special Features of Our Services

Timely Delivery of Orders

We know the best products in the world won't meet our customer's needs if they arrive the day after a
major promotion or company event. If we are not absolutely sure and convinced of the ability of
our supplier to deliver when you want it, we will let you know at the time you place your order so corrective
action can be taken.

Accurate Order Fulfillment

We are detail oriented! After we accept your order we will send you an acknowledgement within 48 hours.
This will insure that we have communicated all of the order details clearly and effectively.

Product Availability

We can often arrange special RUSH orders with out preferred suppliers. Please call and we'll get an answer
for you quickly. Rush orders frequently require a special surcharge. We'll advise you of any Rush Charges
before we proceed with your order.

Imprint and Graphic Quality

We understand that the entire value of a promotional product is in its ability to promote your products and
services and this is why we maintain strict quality standards. If you look good, so do we.

Timely Response to Your Concerns

In this age of voice mail, cell phones and instant messaging we are able to answer your questions and issues
quickly and professionally. We know that if we make it easy for you to reach us then you will have
no reason to try our competition.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is important to our clients. However, the lowest price is not always the best price. We pledge to
give you our best price along with our best quality and service. If the price of an item is your primary concern, tell us.
We can often find similar items of lower quality and price, but our 100% satisfaction guarantee will not apply.

Charges Clearly Explained

Nobody likes an expensive surprise! This is why we take the time to explain all of the extra charges such as extra
costs for artwork, overruns, imprint set-up, rush orders, freight, screens, embroidery programs. etc.

Easy Access to Product Research

Being industry leaders, we have access to several custom programs and research networks both through
Canada and the U.S.A. We make it easy for you to search for products quickly and efficiently. If you need our help
with a product search, just ask and we'll be please to assist you.

Availability of Samples

We know customers like to get items into their hands to see them and feel. Our in-house showroom has plenty of
samples available for loan to our clients. If its not in our sample store room, then we'll order a sample to loan to you.

Variety in your Product Selections

A large variety of promotional products is not the only consideration when it comes to promoting your business.
Often only one or two items are needed to conduct an effective promotion. We will recommend a limited variety of
promotional products for your consideration based on their ability to provide tangible, measurable
results for our clients.

Ability to Supply Custom Work

Each order we accept is a custom order. Custom colors, custom artwork, custom logos, these are details most
clients don't want to have to deal with ..well you don't have to, we'll handle it for you.

Product Knowledge

With over half a million custom imprinted items available in the industry, it is virtually impossible for anyone to
know everything there is to know about every product. With our comprehensive search capabilities and strong
supplier relationships, we can get the information quickly. However, to do this effectively, we need to know what you
want to achieve, your deadlines and your budget to complete the work. The more we know, the better we can
meet your expectations.

Terms and Conditions

Non-Corporate Accounts

  1. New accounts will require a minimum opening order of $250.00.
  2. New, non-corporate accounts must be paid by cash or credit card at the
    time goods are ordered. No work will start on an order for a new account until
    payment has been received.
  3. Non-Corporate accounts do not qualify for open credit status.

Corporate Accounts

  1. New accounts will require a minimum opening order of $500.00.
  2. New corporate accounts are required to deposit 50% of the total amount for
    the opening order by cash, cheque or credit card. The balance is due
    COD until credit arrangements have been established.
  3. All corporate clients are required to provide a Purchase Order or written acceptance
    of our order acknowledgement prior to the start of any work for their orders.

Standard Credit Terms

  1. Credit Terms for approved clients are NET 15 DAYS payable by cash or cheque or
    NET ON INVOICE DATE payable by VISA, MasterCard or AMEX credit card.
  2. Battlefield Advertising may grant credit status to corporate clients at the sole discretion
    of the Credit Manager.
  3. A credit application must be submitted in order to secure credit status with Battlefield Advertising.
    We may require up to 2 weeks in order to perform the necessary checks with credit references.
  4. Clients must agree to pay credit invoices on Net 15-day terms.
  5. Clients who allow their accounts to be in arrears will have their credit privileges removed and
    all future orders will be handled on a cash deposit and COD basis.
  6. Battlefield Advertising reserves the right to remove credit privileges where client account volumes
    during a 12 month period do not indicate the need for a continuing credit arrangement.