Looking Forward: Advertising Trends for 2019

computer with 2019 on screen

The new year is a time for looking back, but more importantly, looking forward. In some capacity, marketing and promotion affects all of our lives. Whether you are a small business owner, a CEO of a large corporation, or a consumer, you are impacted by advertising.

We want to get a jump start on 2019 by looking at some of the anticipated advertising trends for this year.

Following Those You Know

As social media becomes increasingly prominent in our everyday lives, consumers have more power than ever to become marketers. Rather than responding to more traditional forms of advertisement, it is believed that people respond best to those they know.

woman with hat and flowers

For example, a shopper is more likely to buy a product if they know someone who has personally enjoyed it or if they see a positive review from everyday users online. Celebrities endorsing products through “influencing” is also an effective tool. Digital marketing and influencer marketing are sure to maintain their popularity throughout 2019.

Stand Out from the Crowd

In a time where we are constantly seeing advertising, it is important to be creative. We come into contact with so much marketing on a daily basis that unless your approach stands out, you will get lost in the crowd. Most advertising is done digitally now and while this is convenient you can stand out by using a creative hard distribution approach.

Giving away products people want and will use with your information on it will make you noticeable.

Communication is Critical

 A gap that currently exists in advertising is understanding how audiences communicate. With a large portion of consumers coming from the Millennial generation, companies need to strive to identify with them. Funny social media posts, parody advertising and relevant hashtags are sure to engage this year.

While the rate of digital marketing majorly increased in 2018, an anticipated change awaits us in 2019. Companies have now been reassured by the success rate of digital marketing and should work on becoming more creative and engaging over the course of the upcoming year. Trends to keep your eye out for are personal referrals, influencer marketing and new methods of communication.