Top Branded Merchandise Ideas for 2024

branded merchandise ideas

April 9, 2024

What is Branded Merchandise?

Branded merchandise refers to products that are customized with a company’s logo, name, colors, or other branding elements. These products are typically used for promotional purposes, either given away to promote a company, its products, or events, or sold as part of a brand’s merchandise line. The primary goal of branded merchandise is to increase brand awareness and foster customer loyalty by keeping the brand visible in everyday activities.

Branded merchandise can encompass a wide range of items, including apparel (like T-shirts and hats), office supplies (pens, notebooks), drinkware (mugs, water bottles), and technology accessories (USB drives, power banks). The effectiveness of these items in promotional strategies lies in their utility; because they are useful in daily life, they serve as constant reminders of the brand to the users and those around them.

Best Branded Merchandise Ideas

Here are some specific examples for each section of branded merchandise ideas that highlight how companies can leverage these products to enhance their brand presence and engagement with their target audience:

1. Sustainable and Eco-friendly Products

sustainable eco friendly
  • Organic Cotton Tote Bags: A retail clothing brand launches a line of tote bags made from 100% organic cotton, featuring minimalist designs that highlight their commitment to sustainability. These bags are marketed not only as fashion items but also as a practical tool for reducing plastic usage.
  • Bamboo Tech Accessories: A tech startup offers a range of bamboo-cased wireless mice and keyboard sets. The use of bamboo, a highly renewable resource, appeals to eco-conscious consumers and differentiates the brand in a crowded market.
  • Recycled Material Apparel: A sportswear brand introduces a new line of activewear made entirely from recycled plastics collected from oceans. This initiative supports clean oceans and promotes environmental stewardship, enhancing the brand’s image as a responsible and ethical leader.

2. Tech-forward Gadgets

  • Wireless Chargers with Brand Logo: A financial services firm provides custom-branded wireless chargers as a thank-you gift to clients. The chargers are sleek, useful, and keep the firm’s name in front of clients daily.
  • Bluetooth Speakers for Event Giveaways: At a company-sponsored music festival, attendees receive compact, high-quality Bluetooth speakers that carry the event’s branding and date, turning a one-time event into a long-lasting memory.
  • Smart Fitness Trackers as Corporate Wellness Gifts: A health insurance company offers branded smart fitness trackers to corporate clients who join their wellness program, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices and frequent interaction with the brand.

3. Custom Apparel

  • Athleisure Wear for Employee Uniforms: A tech company redesigns its employee uniforms with stylish, branded athleisure wear suitable for both office and remote work, reflecting the company’s modern and employee-focused culture.
  • Polo Shirts for Golf Events: Custom-branded polo shirts are distributed at a charity golf tournament, providing participants with a functional outfit that also serves as a souvenir.
  • Lightweight Jackets for Conferences: At a major industry conference, a company gifts speakers and VIP attendees custom jackets with discreet branding, useful for the event and beyond, enhancing brand visibility across influential networks.

4. Office and Desk Accessories

desk accessories
  • Personalized Notepads and Pens: A consultancy firm creates high-quality notepads and pens branded with both the firm’s logo and individual client names, given during onboarding of new clients.
  • Custom Calendars with Industry-specific Dates: A real estate agency distributes calendars that highlight key market dates and include tips for home buyers and sellers, keeping the agency at the forefront of clients’ minds throughout the year.
  • Desk Organizer Sets: A software company offers modular desk organizer sets as part of a productivity toolkit for employees, featuring the company logo and color scheme.

5. Unique Drinkware

  • Insulated Tumblers for Corporate Retreats: A corporate retreat features custom insulated tumblers given to all attendees, ideal for both hot and cold beverages, and useful for both indoor sessions and outdoor activities.
  • Ceramic Mugs for Café Launches: A new café opens with an array of beautifully designed ceramic mugs available for purchase, each featuring the café’s branding and artwork by local artists.
  • Health-promoting Water Bottles: A fitness center brands BPA-free water bottles that feature time markers and motivational quotes to encourage hydration among its members.

6. Health and Wellness Products

  • Branded Yoga Mats for Wellness Workshops: A wellness brand hosts workshops and provides participants with custom yoga mats that are eco-friendly and feature calming design elements.
  • Fitness Bands as Part of Health Campaigns: An employee wellness campaign includes distributing fitness bands that monitor steps and sleep, branded with the company’s wellness initiative slogan.
  • Antimicrobial Gym Bags: A sports brand introduces a line of gym bags made with antimicrobial materials, branded subtly with their logo, perfect for athletes and regular gym-goers who are health conscious.

These examples illustrate how businesses can effectively use branded merchandise to enhance their visibility and connect with their target audience in meaningful ways, while also reinforcing their brand values and message.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eco-friendly products are essential for brands looking to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Tech gadgets continue to be a top choice due to their practical utility and daily use.
  • Custom apparel remains a popular way to promote brands, with a shift towards comfortable and functional clothing.
  • Office and desk accessories are ideal for constant brand exposure in both home and traditional office settings.
  • Health and wellness products connect brands with consumers’ lifestyles, promoting both brand visibility and healthy living.

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