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Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise from PROforma Battlefield Advertising does everything you need it to. It showcases your logo on quality products people will want to use again and again; all in an unforgettable way. Get In Touch

Your Logo + Quality Products = Passion for Your Brand

Branded merchandise is a great way to cut through the competition to get your brand seen, heard, and talked about.

It’s also effective in communicating the values and benefits of your brand, and to encourage greater brand association.

branded merchandiseReward long-term customers and attract new ones.
branded merchandiseHelp people on a daily basis with useful products featuring your branding.
branded merchandiseBe creative and give away promotional gifts designed to share your brand’s message and story.
custom branded drinkware merchandiseDrinkware
custom branded journalsJournals
custom branded foodFood
custom branded pens and pencilsWriting Instruments
custom branded lanyardsLanyards
custom branded clothingSocks
custom branded sunglassesSunglasses

Your Branded Merchandise Partner. You Want It, We’ll Make It

With branded merchandise from PROforma Battlefield Advertising,
your logo and brand message make their way into the homes and offices of current and potential clients.

Tell us what you want people to think and feel when they use a
promotional item featuring your logo. Together, we’ll find the ideal solution to meet your objectives, timelines, and budget.

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