Corporate Gifting This Holiday Season

February 6, 2024

The holidays provide an opportunity for your organization to show gratitude to clients and employees alike. However, effective corporate gifting requires some thought and planning. To hit the right tone with custom corporate gifts and to help build brand awareness, you need to offer useful corporate Christmas gifts people will appreciate. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your corporate gifting is a hit this year.

Branded Apparel

The choices available for branded corporate apparel have come a long way since the basic t-shirts of days gone by. Today you have many options including sweaters, toques, ball caps, visors, t-shirts or jackets. These items are designed to suit your needs and create an impact. You can customize leading sports brand apparel with design elements that will get your message across. High-quality apparel is comfortable and durable meaning recipients are more likely to not only appreciate it more, but also wear it often. This gets your brand out there while clients or staff appreciate your gesture. Your gift looks good, so you look good. If you are providing a more creative service such as an advertising agency, digital marketing company or production company for corporate training, you can get a little more free-spirited. For example, socks are trending as the latest fashion statement. Customized socks reflect your brand tone for the ideal employee appreciation gifts.

Branded Merchandise

Corporate gifting takes on new heights with more branded merchandise options available than ever. With the right merchandise, you can stand out from the competition. Corporate gifting is a form of marketing and requires the same strategy as all your other marketing efforts. What will reflect your brand best? What will resonate more with your clients or team? You want to effectively communicate your values and beliefs while offering a gift that will have meaning. Some ideas to match your brand to the most appropriate merchandise might include:
  • Training companies: Training companies can offer branded journals and pens.
  • Fleet management/vehicle leasing companies: Provide vehicle-related services to clients? A branded travel mug is perfect.
  • Security: Security companies can offer branded lanyards or I.D. holders.
  • Catering companies: Offer branded holiday gifts like nuts, chocolates, or candy.
  • Recycling/shredding services: Go eco-friendly with a reusable water bottle. This is also great for companies with a strong green culture!
The list is long from mugs to backpacks and sunglasses to reusable water bottles.

Technology Gifts

You don’t have to be a tech company to give away technology gifts. Today everyone has a cellphone, laptop, or tablet. Providing tech gifts that make using devices easier is perfect for just about anyone. From audio accessories to gear bags and power banks to mini chargers, your brand can be front and center every day when you help people stay connected. Choosing meaningful corporate holiday gifts that reflect your brand will help keep your organization top of mind. Our corporate gifting company can help you find the right gift to help you grow your business. Get your orders in early so you beat the holiday rush.

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