Why is a Logo Important for Your Brand?

February 6, 2024

Your logo is part of your brand’s identity and a way for people to instantly recognize you among your competitors. Consider some of the most popular brand names on the market today and how easily people can associate them based on their logo alone. You’ll be putting your logo on everything, from your website to uniforms to business cards, custom packaging and advertisements. Therefore, your logo has a lot of heavy lifting to do, communicating your brand across all different kinds of mediums, so it’s critical that you design a good logo that will help your brand succeed. How how can you do that? At Proforma, we’re experts at putting logos on everything and we have a few tried and true tips to help you design a logo that stands out among the rest.

Know Your Brand

Your logo’s main job is to represent your brand and impart as much meaningful information about it as possible. Try to narrow down a few adjectives that best express your brand and ask your designer to impart those characteristics in the logo. For example, a natural foods company might be best described as green, simple, and rustic. Another natural food company may instead choose refined, reliable and feminine. Even though these are both natural food companies, they should end up with very different looking logos.

Impression is Crucial

Ask yourself: who is your brand trying to appeal to and what first impression will they get from your logo? You may have very different tastes than your target market, so don’t get stuck focusing on what you like. When possible, conduct market research on your customers and what they respond to in a logo. Or rely on logo research from reputable companies. Once you have a working logo, you can run it by focus groups before you finalize it and make it public.

Plan Your Colors

In general, people have strong feelings about colors and respond to them very differently, so it’s wise to pick your colors carefully rather allowing your designer to choose the hue they like best. Your customers should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re choosing your colors. You should work with a designer who can give you good advice about which colors work together, but having some idea of what will work best for your brand to start is always recommended. Then you can let the designer help refine your shades so that everything works together.

Pick Fonts Carefully

It’s easy to be drawn to fancy or unique fonts. However, your first concern when choosing a font should always be readability. If your customer can’t read your brand name, none of the hard work you’ve put into your logo matters.

Think About Medium

What will you be printing your logo on? Uniforms may work best with a different kind of logo than small branded merchandise like pens. The best part is that you can create slightly different version of your logo for each item you want to print it on, making it truly diverse and impactful. Ready to run a test of your logo on a few different printed materials? ProForma can showcase your new logo on all kinds of goods, materials, packaging and paper products. Reach out to us today to discuss your brand promotion needs.

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